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My Labiaplasty Experience

My Labiaplasty Experience

Postby nomi. » Sat Nov 21, 2015 8:42 pm

My Labiaplasty Experience

After saving up for this surgery for 5 years I finally had enough saved, and enough time off of school to go through with it! I have always had issues with pain whether it be swelling, chaffing, splitting open (and bleeding because of the activities I love to do such as horseback riding) etc... my large labia were constantly causing issues no to mention the large bulge that appeared through all remotely tight clothing.

In December of 2014 I booked a consultation with a doctor who after months of researching online, seemed like the right fit for me.

Feb. 2015 Consultation - After getting up at 4AM, I drove from my city to Calgary, just over 2 hours away. At 7AM I flew from Calgary, AB to Vancouver BC and took a taxi downtown a few kms from my consultation.
This was one of the most terrifying, inspiring, depressing and craziest days of my life. I told my family that I was going to work on a group project over the break, and all of my friends knew that I was working over the break. I had plane tickets booked and managed to sneak out of the province for a day without telling a soul. Being in a large, foreign city all on my own with absolutely no one to talk to was surprisingly wonderful. I was 6 hours early for my appointment so I spent the morning shopping downtown and reading in coffee shops close to the doctors office. When it was time for my consultation, I went in to the office, waited for 15 minutes and was brought in to a private room. I changed and met the doctor, who after a brief conversation about my personal issues and expectations had me lay back for a very brief examination. I felt incredibly comfortable with this doctor, as he was kind, gentle, patient, and most importantly made me feel safe and secure. After years of embarrassment and struggling with depression to the point that I'd considered suicide, this was truly a moment I appreciated. After he examined my labia, he had his medical assistant draw up a surgery agreement and I went ahead and decided then and there to go ahead with it.

Afterwards, I walked about 2 km to the ocean and sat on the beach, still shaking in utter disbelief where I was and how I could be doing something so incredibly odd. I had another 3 hours until my flight home so I browsed a few more shops before flagging down a taxi and heading back to the airport to wait. I was home and in bed by around 1AM, what a long day!

In total, the day cost me about $400 CDN.
-$300 Plane Tickets (round trip in one day)
-$30 Airport Parking
-$20 Lunch & Coffee
-$40 Gas
-$5 Airport candy :lol:
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Re: My Labiaplasty Experience

Postby nomi. » Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:20 pm

In September 2015, I booked my surgery! November 20, not ideal for my university schedule, but I wasn't going to complain... I had $6000 saved, plane tickets booked, a hotel booked for 3 nights and all of my excuses lined up for coworkers and family. I was going to have this done without telling a soul.

In preparation for the surgery I worked as hard as I possibly could to get caught up and even ahead on uni work... knowing that when I returned from Vancouver I would be absolutely swamped in school work, presentations, and of course my part time job (30+ hrs wk). The anxiety and stress leading up to the surgery was minimal, I know I wanted it so bad, I would do just about anything to have this procedure done.

Two weeks prior I visited community labs and had blood drawn for cell counts for the anesthesiologist and a urinalysis test done for a pregnancy test which was then forwarded on to my surgeon. I packed a single backpack with a few changes of clothes, mostly baggy sweatpants, sports bras and lots of loose fitting clothing. I packed a large variety of feminine pads, polysporin triple protection (pain relieving-scar minimizing-speed healing-wonder ointment), baby wipes and extra strength tylenol.

The day before my surgery I travelled to Vancouver. I cleaned my room, did all of my laundry, shaved and made sure I was spotless 'down there', prepared food for when I returned and made sure that I had everything I needed. I drove the 2.5 hrs to Calgary, took the plane to Vancouver, and a taxi to my hotel which overlooked the ocean! I set my alarm for the next morning and had a taxi booked to pick me up 2 hours prior to my surgery. After getting settled in the hotel, I went out grocery shopping for lots of healthy choices and light meal options for post op plus some chocolate. Everything I could think of so that I could spend the next day or two in bed.

Day of the surgery:
I was scheduled to arrive at 11AM, with the surgery at noon. I had nothing to eat or drink since midnight before the surgery as I was having it done under general anesthesia. I arrived about a half hour early, to a fancy looking surgical centre that seemed a bit more like a posh mansion. Inside felt like a modern day spa. After waiting for about 45 minutes, a really friendly nurse lady had brought me up a floor where I did another urine test, had my vitals taken (blood pressure, % oxygen saturation, temperature) and changed in to my hospital gown. I was provided with an ant-acid tablet and a lot of warm cozy blankets! :D The nurses were all incredibly friendly and chatty, I wasn't scared or worried. My surgeon came in and made sure I was prepared and feeling comfortable. He explained the procedure to me and made sure I was ready. In fact, I felt more sure of this than anything else in my whole life. It was an odd feeling knowing that something I've worked so hard for, and spent so long preparing for was about to happen. I was introduced to the anesthesiologist who made sure I was comfortable and took wonderful care of me as well.

I had my height and weight recorded and was then ushered in to the surgery room where after being provided with more warm blankets, I lay down on the table and talking together along with my surgeon, I had my labia minora marked for what was to be removed. I felt so comfortable, and within seconds began to drift asleep.

The next time I opened my eyes I was wrapped up in a warm cocoon of blankets, the nurses began asking me questions and talking to me about my pets (horses). I was really enjoying my slumber and felt so wonderful I didn't even know I already had the surgery. After probably 20 minutes of my sedated self being in a dreamy state, the nurses assisted me in getting out of bed, getting dressed and in to a wheel chair. I showed them pictures of my horses, and they provided me with juice, ginger ale and more warm blankets! The nurses kept joking with me about how famous they were for warm blankets and drugs... it was really sweet and comforting. By 3PM, I was ready to go!

I had a hired medical escort in advance (home care provider) who then arrived and assisted me in to a cab since you could not be discharged unless you were accompanied by an adult . I hugged the nurses good bye and was off back to the hotel. No pain whatsoever! However, I was incredibly sleepy still but tried to brush it off. Once back at the hotel I had some water and crawled in to bed with a bag of ice. My medical escort lady, Ella (not real name), went down the street and picked me up some warm lentil soup and pita bread, and a gel ice pack. She stayed with me for the next hour to make sure I would be okay, and she told me stories of her previous surgeries. It was wonderful to have her there for support and I highly recommend the company WeCare for health care providers as I had only given them a days' notice. (Due to previous escort cancellation).

I spent the rest of the night on my own, where I elevated me pelvis on a stack of pillows, iced for 10 minutes on 10 minutes off and then slept for about 5 hours. By Midnight I was up and hungry so I had some of the bananas and cherry tomatoes I purchased the night before. I also made some apple cider with my hotel coffee pot and powder mix that I brought from home. I then slept like a baby for the next 10 hours.

All in all, it was truly a wonderful day and I couldn't be more proud of myself for having gone through with it. Still no pain, and only minor bruising and minor swelling.

Surgery: $5100
Hotel: $350 (3 Nights @ $90/each + tax)
Taxis: $70 so far
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Re: My Labiaplasty Experience

Postby nomi. » Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:47 pm

Day 1 Post Op: After a long, much needed sleep I woke up, and inspected the treatment site... Everything looked SO MUCH BETTER! It was super swollen, and a bit bruised along the incision lines and on my clitoral hood but still 100x better than before. I spent the whole morning in bed watching TV, continuing with the ice on/off for periods of 10 minutes each. I still had no pain, only minor tightness from the swelling.

Walking was a little interesting as I sort of had to waddle... The boxers that the surgery centre had provided me with were a godsend though! After reading previous posts, I followed others' advice and poured cool water over myself anytime I had to pee. I felt no burning or stinging, unless I had to pee badly and tried to hold it in, now THAT was painful as I could feel the stitches tugging.

In the afternoon, I changed and put a thin panty liner on a thong and found that to be quite a bit more comfortable to walk in as there wasn't nearly as much rubbing. I went out for a stroll on the beach, picked up a Starbucks latte and sat by the ocean for an hour. It was seriously, the best feeling in the world knowing that I don't have to be ashamed of my own body anymore. I don't have to try and cover myself up from friends, and I can wear swim suits, leggings and tight clothing and actually be comfortable. I can actually talk to boys and not feel the need to run as soon as they show any interest in me. I can walk, and run and ride and bike and dance without pain anymore. I get to be me again! I was actually trying to hold back tears on the beach for how far I'd come, all on my own, without telling a soul back home, not even my own mother. I feel like even if I did tell her, I would just break her heart so I probably won't ever tell her.

After watching the sun set, I picked up some vietnamese take out and headed back to my hotel room for more tv, hip elevation and more ice packs!

Still without pain, however, that may be due to the Polysporin I was applying religiously after every pee and rinse.

Food: $15 Today
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Re: My Labiaplasty Experience

Postby happy_smurfette » Mon Dec 07, 2015 12:49 pm

Did you have trim or wedge? How much did the doctor remove? All the way back (barbie)?
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Re: My Labiaplasty Experience

Postby PlasticQueen » Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:27 am

This is actually one procedure that I have always been weary of, but thanks so much for the trip report. I have a friend who had this and she took a look at my area, and she says that it's such an easy procedure that I might as well.
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Re: My Labiaplasty Experience

Postby nomi. » Sat Jan 23, 2016 10:38 pm

happy_smurfette wrote:Did you have trim or wedge? How much did the doctor remove? All the way back (barbie)?

The method I had done was a combination. I would consider it a trim method for simplicity though. Wedges were drawn on both sides of my clitoral hood for incision, as a large amount of tissue was removed from both sides of the hood to make it appear more symmetrical with my shortened labia. Lengthwise, the labia were "trimmed" and the edges curled in using a base-ball style suture from the front to the back. This healed extremely nicely for the first 2 weeks, but around week 3 once the stitches had dissolved, the right side had separated due to friction from me wearing jeans (and also exercising) too early on in the healing process. After a day the sides went back together and healing has been completely normal since. Apparently this was a completely normal occurrence according to my doctor.

Due to my genetics and how I am naturally built, the 'barbie' style would be absolutely impossible for me to achieve and I am completely okay with that. I had only wanted this for comfort, self-esteem and hygienic purposes. The surgeon removed a LOT of tissue, but left enough to cover me at the same time, if that makes sense. It looks 100x more natural than what I had matured with, and the wedges on both sides of the hood narrowed the frontal view and overall bulkiness so clothing is much more comfortable! [-o<

Hope that helps!
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Re: My Labiaplasty Experience

Postby nomi. » Sat Jan 23, 2016 10:58 pm

PlasticQueen wrote:This is actually one procedure that I have always been weary of, but thanks so much for the trip report. I have a friend who had this and she took a look at my area, and she says that it's such an easy procedure that I might as well.

This procedure is something you should only consider if you truly think it is necessary. In hindsight, the actual surgery was simple. I was awake and talking, then knocked out and awake again. Done.
The preparation and the healing process, saving up financially, organizing your entire life around something like this takes a tremendous psychological toll that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. It may have been worse for me due to bouts of depression, and my financial status (read: stress) as a student, but I don't think this is something that you just decide to do for fun or because "hey, why not?!" . It's a serious decision and takes a lot of balls to go through with it.

Labiaplasty is a surgical operation, and there are numerous risks you are taking by going under the knife, especially if your surgeon performs with patients under general anesthesia. Not to mention setting aside the next 4-8 weeks while you heal (i.e. limiting physical activity, intimacy).

In summary: research, research, research, and more research. If this is truly something you feel that you NEED to do then begin your research. Choose a qualified surgeon with TONS of experience (reviews, pictures of work done, easy to contact/communicate with, good patient care post-op) etc..
Post-surgery, patience and optimism are your best friends.

The last thing you want to do is pay thousands of dollars, waste all that time/energy/money and end up feeling mutilated.
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