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labiaplasty - toronto cosmetic clinic


Postby lips2012 » Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:33 pm

Hi girls,
Does anybody know how much Dr Wanzel charge for labiaplasty in Toronto? I've been researching and this doctor has very good reviews.
Thank you so much!
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Re: labiaplasty - toronto cosmetic clinic

Postby omcs » Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:56 pm

lips2012 I PM'd you!
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Re: labiaplasty - toronto cosmetic clinic

Postby Irene209876 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:37 pm

so I just got my labiaplasty done a week ago, with Dr. Kasrai in her own private surgical facility. Before going to her, I visited my gyno about my uneven labia and he said it would be completely covered by OHIP since I told him it was bothering me when I worked out. He set up a day for me about 2 months from then and told me to get blood work done as he was going to perform the procedure under general anesthesia. I was going to go through with it but then a month later decided to reconsider after reading several forums that revealed women having problems after doing it with their gyno. So I found Dr. Kasrai (who is Chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital, Toronto). I was so delighted when I saw her cosmetic facility on Avenue Rd. The mood is calm, fresh and professional, it felt like I was attending a spa! I decided right away that I'd get it done with her and the surgery was scheduled for an even earlier date than my gyno offered me (and it is also done under local anesthesia which I was so pleased about). The normal cost is $4000-5000.
The procedure took a total of 25-30 mins to do, during which time I chatted with her assistant in the OR. I felt absolutely no pain and wasn't nervous at all. Then I walked out, got changed and went home 15mins later (something you won't be able to do under general anes).
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Re: labiaplasty - toronto cosmetic clinic

Postby mmcrste » Wed May 02, 2012 7:50 pm

Hello everyone,
I could really use some advise. About a year ago (March 2011), I had very minor surgery done by a gyno that was supposed to remove (a minimal amount of) excess skin on the left side of my labia. My reasoning at the time was that it was sore and would sometime bleed (from friction) whenever I was intimate with my husband. When I awoke from surgery, the Dr said everything went well. It wasnt until about 2 weeks later when the swelling went down, did I discover that she cut me open and removed the skin and muscle all the was down to the opening of my anus and sewed both sections apart from each other :( It healed as one large opening. What a BIG mistake I made to have this surgery done! I had never approved this hack job and have been devastated ever since! I dont know if this is repairable, but I would like it fixed. I feel uncomfortable all the time. When I exercising, walking and even sitting. Forget about intimacy. My husband does not complain, but I can barely feel anything!
Could somebody please recommend a good surgeon in the Toronto area, and let me know what the approx costs would be? Do surgeons accepts payment plans? How long would I need off work? I have a job that is physically demanding...
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Re: labiaplasty - toronto cosmetic clinic

Postby Jacqueline86 » Fri May 04, 2012 11:33 am

Hi ladies, I just got my labia reduction surgery yesterday and so far so good! I had the procedure done by a gyno in Toronto and didn't pay a cent as OHIP covered it. Apart from the the stitches in the way and a bit of swelling, I can tell my labia look better already. There is no way in hell I was ever going to dish out $3000+ for something like this, so it's a total relief I didn't pay anything and everything went well. I was warned of extreme pain and haven't had to deal with much yet. I'm quite pleased over all.
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Re: labiaplasty - toronto cosmetic clinic

Postby huttv » Thu Dec 13, 2012 7:50 pm

This dr.giannolias at tcc who is also an ob/gyn, is not good.beware :shock: .i should have done a better research. when he did mine, i looked down i cried because it did not look. right, the clitoris was covered up all the way down. He said he will do it again to loosen skin flap up. and I said hell no you aint touching me with no laser or scalpel again!!. for god sakes why would i go back to him, he already proven himself to be incompetent. He comes across as gods gift to the world.as if.Good news is I had regular surgeon undue what he did. My advice is do your research. your genitals are precious!!!
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Re: labiaplasty - toronto cosmetic clinic

Postby Em3256 » Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:43 am

No. Personally, I went to Edelstein Cosmetic (http://www.edelsteincosmetic.com/) for this procedure. And I'm honestly glad that I underwent it. I'm feeling much better in my own body, I'm more confident when I'm with a guy, which was my main problem. So, I recommend Dr. Jerome Edelstein. :)
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Re: labiaplasty - toronto cosmetic clinic

Postby superren81 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:00 pm

Em3256 wrote:No. Personally, I went to Edelstein Cosmetic (http://www.edelsteincosmetic.com/) for this procedure. And I'm honestly glad that I underwent it. I'm feeling much better in my own body, I'm more confident when I'm with a guy, which was my main problem. So, I recommend Dr. Jerome Edelstein. :)

Hello. I have a consultation with Dr. Jerome Edelstein first thing tomorrow morning. Would I be able to contact you directly via email or phone to talk about your labiplasty experience with this doctor? I am beyond petrified.
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Re: labiaplasty - toronto cosmetic clinic

Postby Nyxis » Thu Dec 26, 2013 9:41 pm

I am going to the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic 31st of Jan 2014.
I talked to the receptionist and she is great to talk to and answered all of my questions and told me things I had not even thought of. I did look up Dr Giannoulias and the only bad review I could find was his bedside manner, which could just be that some people do not 'click' I take those comments with a grain of salt and judge for myself. I am going for vaginal tightening and I did look up Dr Wansel but he does not do the tightening. I hope to hear if anyone else is looking at or have had surg by Dr Giannoulias at the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic.
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Re: labiaplasty - toronto cosmetic clinic

Postby Nyxis » Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:48 am

I think I was having cold feet. I sent an email to Dr Lista's office and I think it was their nurse that called me back and we talked for a while. I did tell her where I was going for my surg and what I found about the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic and maybe I should be looking elsewhere, my flight, hotel and surg are already booked at the TCC. I have also read that cosmetic surgeons can be very cut throat in Toronto. She said I was going to a good clinic and if I already had the consultation and have all my answers she would recommend staying there. This nurse from Dr Lista's office was very nice and I would recommend them as well. (Keep in mind I have not been there) She did not bash the TCC but said the Dr there was very good and knew what he was doing. She hopes I keep Dr Lista's office in mind for future procedures and I really will. She could have said horrible things about the TCC but was professional, she said people could have been disappointed because they did not have realistic expectations of the surg they were having and it could be personality conflicts as well. The only thing she recommended is that Dr Lista tries his best to meet the person prior to the surgery. Which I do agree with but even if I went to Dr Lista this would not be possible since I am from another province. I just thought I would share that with everyone. I do feel better about my choice with the TCC. She also pointed out that people are more prone to complain online then sing someone's praises, which I agree. Anyway, I can now say my surg is 4 weeks away and I am very excited.
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