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Labiaplasty- Toronto Dr. Wanzel

Labiaplasty- Toronto Dr. Wanzel

Postby bailey888 » Mon Jan 06, 2014 6:09 pm

Ok... So when I was researching Labiaplasty surgery I found that these types of blogs completely helped put me at ease with the whole procedure & was really what gave me the guts to move forward. It was reassuring being able to read other women's stories who were similar to mine and the detailed process of their experience. I promised that if I went through with it that I would post my experience, to hopefully help give insight to other women struggling with larger labia minora.
For the past 15 years- since I was 13 I have been struggling on a day to day basis with this issue, both with physical pain from pulling/tugging/rubbing & emotional pain from fear of intimacy & embarrassment. Its really crazy how something so personal, that really no one would know about can have such a pull on your everyday life. Ultimately this is what motivated me to move forward. I was fed up with that constant uncomfortable feeling- physical & emotional.
I did research online and decided to go to Dr. Wanzel because of all the amazing reviews. When I called to booked my consultation and that was that. His secretary, Helen, was amazing to talk to. She took the time to discuss the process and made me feel so comfortable. For the first time I vocally admitted I was unhappy with that part of myself & it felt so good- the ball rolling! Two weeks later I went in for my consultation & it was decided the trim method would be best.Dr Wanzel he used to promote Wedge but found that the wound would sometimes reopen, so now her prefers Trim. My main concern with this method was potential scarring, but he assured me that within 3 months it heals so well that a lot of times he has troubles seeing where the incision was.
He came across as very sincere and answered all of my questions. That was all I needed & the surgery was booked! Cost wise the consultation was 100$, procedure $2800 & $110 hospital fee that is paid the day of the surgery. All in all $3000...
So here I am the night before my procedure. I won't lie, I am kind of nervous but excited at the same time. I've come this far & ultimately when I considered my options of either doing it or not- I'm living in discomfort every day... why not try to do something about it. I believe I'm in good hands and will pray for a healthy & speedy recovery.... To be Continued. Wish me luck :)
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Re: Labiaplasty- Toronto Dr. Wanzel

Postby bailey888 » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:07 am

Ok so surgery is done & heres an update... Had procedure at St.Josephs in Toronto. Arrived an hour early, registered & pay the 110$ fee then waited in the minor surgery room. I was pretty nervous at this point. When my name was called, I had to get into my gown and wait in the surgery room. Dr. Wanzels assistant nurse was pleasant & helped put me at ease. When he came in, he gave me the option whether to allow 2 students- one make, one female- to watch as he did the procedure & I was fine with that.
I laid down on the table and put my feet. They put a blanket over you which helps with the awkwardness. Honestly this was probably the worst part... it was hard to relax knowing what was about to happen. The freezing did hurt, I'd say about a 6/10, but about 10 minutes later all was frozen and we were good to go. It really was a strange feeling being completely aware of what was happening but feeling no pain. They do a good job keeping you distracted, talking about all sorts of things. You can also have your phone if you like, so you can surf the web, text or even call someone if you'd like. (I wouldn't answer calls, I thought it would've been bizarre). Before I knew it, the procedure was done.
He gave me my post op instructions and I was good to go to the pharmacy. I took a cab back to my hotel & about 1 hour afterwards I started to feel the pain. Took 2 tylenol 3's and within 30 minutes it subsided. I was brave enough to take a look and quite honestly it really doesnt look bad. One side looks a bit larger than the other but I'm hoping this is just due to the swelling. I plan on spending the next 2 days in bed, icing 20mins on & off, popping T3's & applying polysporin ointment (not cream) throughout the day. He also prescribed antibiotics for infections. I'm going to go back for a follow up appointment on Thursday (as I am from out of town) & Dr. Wanzel was more than accommodating for getting me in. Overall, now that Im through with it I'm happy that its done. Now Im just hoping for a speedy recover. I'll keep updating with more details of the healing process but if anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer.
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