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pudendal neuralgia and scar - labiaplasty

pudendal neuralgia and scar - labiaplasty

Postby Vicci » Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:44 am

Hi everyone!
I had labiaplasty more than 2 years ago. One side was cut more than the other and the resulting scar was sore for a long time. Furthermore I have developed pudendal neuralgia which makes it painful to sit more than 20 min at the time. The pain is radiating from the vagina and pelvic floor up to the lower back on the left side. I had steroid injections in the labia to treat the scar. The doctor injected the steroid all the way to the root of the labia, it certainly took care of the scar but also caused me a new pain close to the pubic bone and along the clitoris. Now I cant stand any stimulation to the clitoris and its not possible for me to have an orgasm, since there is almost no sensation on the left side.
I am on the edge of having a depression, I have been consulting numerous doctors and no one seems to know anything about this.
I would be more than gratefull to hear from anyone who have experienced persistent pain in the pudendal nerve or pain radiating into the lower back after a labiaplasty. So far I dont even know for sure that this pain as caused be the surgery, it got really bad after 6 months post-op.
I would also be gratefull to hear from someone who have had steroid injections in the labia for scar treatment - does it take a long time for the tissue to recover? (my doctor said there should be no side effects whatsoever but I still have soreness and pain after 4 months).
Apparently I am reacting very atypical - at last according to the doctors I have seen. I am very confused and distressed and dont know what to do to manage my pain. I have a physiotherapy appointment but its not the first time I have tryed physiotherapy and so far it didnt make a clear difference.

Please let med know if your experience if you have had this kind of pain, I woud be very happy to hear from anyone,

best regards
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Re: pudendal neuralgia and scar - labiaplasty

Postby michgal0812 » Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:06 pm

Welcome to the botched labiaplasty club. I would suggest a phone consult with Dr. Gary Alter in Beverley hills California. He was the ONLY Dr that helped me. The clitoral pain (I had it for about 4 years).sounds like nerve pain to me. I took a pill called núerontin for years, just got off of it a few months ago. It is a pill targeting nerve pain. If you would like to talk I'd be happy to listen and share my (brutal) story.
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Re: pudendal neuralgia and scar - labiaplasty

Postby Ostara12 » Sat Oct 04, 2014 12:46 pm

Hi Vicki - I too have pudendal nerve damage (likely an entrapment). I had labiaplasty done 2 years ago almost to the day . PS did way more than I ever instructed her to do on one side. Stitches came looks 48 hrs later. Awful recovery, but finally did in about 3 months. Had go ahead from same PS wax. Well that was the worst decision of my life. the side with complications (and didn't even have wax on the actual incision) lightly bled, shooting pain, vibrations until a few months later when it became a neuropathic itch. I've tried everything, but nerve blocks. Speaking with surgeon now about pudendal nerve decompression surgery (actually I think the nerve is just cut so instead of neuropathic itch, there is numbness) . Expensive surgery and terrified it may worsen things. But to go on with this daily and hourly uncomfortable reminder has been enough the last 2 years. Are you any closer to feeling better? I hope you're still reading posts, as I truly would look forward to hearing what you've done thus far. I tried sending message direct to you, but it wouldn't go through.
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Re: pudendal neuralgia and scar - labiaplasty

Postby hopeful79 » Tue Apr 19, 2016 9:13 am

Hey ladies,

I know this is an old post. I'm experiencing similar issues 7 years after surgery. Has anyone found any good treatment or have any useful advice?

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