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Dr. Solomon - NYC

Dr. Solomon - NYC

Postby Kek22 » Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:49 am


Just wondering if anyone here has had or heard of experiences with Dr Mark Solomon in Philly/NYC?

I've had consults with both him and Gruenwald, felt much better about the former and looking to schedule surgery soon with Dr. Solomon but wanted to reach out and hear of others experiences.
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Re: Dr. Solomon + follow up

Postby Kek22 » Sun Dec 01, 2013 3:06 am

Follow up : Had the surgery. Dr Solomon does AMAZING work. Best in the tri state area by far. I researched this procedure for years before finally going through with it, and these boards were one of the first places I started. He isn't really mentioned here so I wanted to change that. I also want to help ease others anxiety by sharing my experience.

The consult was the most professional and extensive I've experienced (consulted with three surgeons and looked into five total). He's extremely straightforward and doesn't sugar coat. He's done hundreds of these and while I went to him because the photos on his website were the most natural I'd seen, I feel I got a better result than any pictured. *note: I did not want an amputation style labiaplasty. I was already symmetrical and wanted a smaller version of what I had, and that's exactly what I got.*

I was awake for the surgery. It was painless. He numbed me with a topical cream, making sure to give it time to settle before starting the local injections with a very fine needle. They stung slightly but NOT bad at all, and I'm a wuss. He was very kind and explained everything he was doing. While the surgery was happening I just chatted with him and the nurse, and it actually was kind of fun - feeling the pulling/stitching but zero pain. I drove myself home and basically slept for 2-3 days straight. Very little pain (took percocets) but lots of swelling.

I'm two weeks into healing currently and sensation wise - everything is perfect! Definitely better than before even without all the extra skin in the way. No numb areas, no painful areas. There is swelling and itching but that's to be expected as the stitches come out. Aftercare was excellent, Dr. Solomon called back within minutes, no matter how trivial the concern, and even around a holiday. His nurse is amazing also.

A word of caution, do not look at your labia too much for a couple weeks following the procedure. I'm not kidding when I say it changes daily and it's a one step forward, two steps back kind of healing process. Right after surgery I was extremely asymmetrical ( I hadn't been before) and it got worse and worse... I thought something had gone wrong. Weeks later, I'm starting to see one of the most beautiful results I've seen anywhere. But it looked like hamburger meat, turned purple, bruised and was VERY uneven for a long time, and then magically one day, everything took a turn toward perfection.

For years I held off on this, terrified of the horror stories. I wish I had allowed myself to do it sooner. It hasn't been too much of a difficult process at all. And though I'm not finished healing, I know it's already one of the best decisions I've made for myself. Just so relieved and thankful I chose the right surgeon.

Hope this helps someone else, good luck in your research and decision. :)
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