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White Scars from Labiaplasty

White Scars from Labiaplasty

Postby neeela » Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:58 am

Hi everybody!
I was wondering if anybody else has visible scars from their labiaplasty when the labia is stretched to the side by your hand completly? I mean by pulling the skin between the minorna and majora so that the minora is flattened and stretched to look for scar. I did not think I had scars until I did this saw them the other day and I'm 8 months post op. I had the trimming method and there are no scars on the upper and middle parts of the lips because I think they are hidden within them so that the sutureline is not visible. But further down, near my hole and the perinium my labia is almost non existent and if I stretch the labia there I can see a fine white line on each side! Very depressing! Is this normal? Its not visible at all when I don't pull the skin too look and I doubt anyone else would ever notice but It still bother me that it's even there! I really thought all scars would be only "inside" the labia so nothing would show :cry: .
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Re: White Scars from Labiaplasty

Postby Feuille » Tue Apr 19, 2016 12:42 am

Am so sorry that you are distressed by your scars. It is hard for me to relate to, as I have scars all over my body and kinda like most of them.

Remember that your scars are only visible if you are stretching the skin away in what sounds like an unusual way. I realise that just knowing they are there is upsetting to you, but they aren't gonna be visible to anybody else. Is it possible you can embrace the concept of fine white lines? Am assuming they are a little pearly, which can look super pretty!

I'd be super hesitant to recommend any product to put on the delicate skin down there, but VERY VERY VERY gentle, circular massage, with a finger tip *can* help over time. A scar is basically tissue flung down quickly, to mend up the incision or wound underneath the first scab. This tissue is different from normal tissue in the area, as it is there to be a quick fix. The massaging of scarred areas encourages blood flow to the area which helps to bring nutrients to the cells. It also helps the cells to turn over a *little* bit faster than regular activity might. Lastly, it assists the layers of tissue to be more organised and get ever closer to normal tissue over time.

Be patient. Do not expect the scars to vanish 100%. Remember that a lot of tissue was removed, and that the long term healing takes a loooong time. Embrace yourself.


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