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Help - Overweight/Diabetes and Breast Reduction

PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:22 am
by JBug1969
I'm around 295 pounds and carry this weight really well. I'm also 5'9". I walk every day (thanks to my Apple i-Watch), my bloodwork came back fine; however, the office I went to get my consult at is acting like I'm to big for a breast reduction. Currently I'm a 44-46DDD/E and want to go down to a D cup. During my initial consult, the doctor was all for it and said I was a great candidate. But when the office manager called me in regards to price, they were hesitant. Anyone else come across this problem? I'm a large framed gal. I've been at this weight for sometime - years. I do exercise 6 days a week. I haven't dropped any weight BUT my entire body has firmed up - especially the muscles in my legs/butt. I can't run because of my breasts so it's hard to do any upper body.

And I've had diabetes for a long time. My current A1C is 6.8 which they want under 7. I had a tummy tuck with this same doctor 9 years ago and had absolutely NO problems with the healing or anything. AND I had diabetes at that time.

Sorry for the rambling. I'm just kind of shocked at this.