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Breast Lift Compression Bras

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 11:02 am
by Make_Me_Heal_Team
With all of the questions about which bras to get after a Breast Lift, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of our most popular breast for after breast lift surgery. If you are also having an augmentation, we recommend you visit the Breast Augmentation Board for our suggestions there as well!

Breast Lift Compression Bras:

1. Bra Surgery Recovery Kit (Design Veronique):

This kit includes:

Yesmina Adjustable Cotton Bra – Stage 1 (Design Veronique):

Yesmina Adjustable Cotton Bra – Stage 2 (Design Veronique):

2. Allyssandra Cotton Knit Bra - 2" Band (Veronique):

3. Surgical Bra W/ 2" elastic band (Marena):

4. Breast Surgery Support Bra (Rainey):

5. Ellenora Compression Cotton Knit Bra (Veronique)

Breast Lift Compression Vests:

1. Breast Surgery Compression Vest (Rainey):

2. Sophia Compression Vest (Veronique):

3. Female Post Breast Surgery Compression Vest W/Zipper (Marena):

4. Gabrielle Compression Vest (Veronique)

Here’s a link to the complete selection of bras for post-breast lift:

Click here for Breast Lift Compression Bras

Medical Compression Garments Vs. Non-Medical Garments

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 11:03 am
by Make_Me_Heal_Team
It is important to know the benefits of wearing a medical compression bra and why it is superior to wearing a regular sports bra or some non-medical over-the-counter regular bra.

How Can A Compression Bra Help My Healing?

Wearing a garment after breast lift is essential to improve blood circulation, minimize swelling after the procedure, keep implants in their correct position, flush the body out of potentially harmful fluids, accelerate the healing process, and allow the patient to return to daily routines sooner. A compression garment also provides support to surgical areas for more comfort and helps the skin fit better to its new contours. Depending on the doctor's instructions, you may need to wear breast support and compression garments for a period of time that may range from days, weeks, and longer depending on your individual healing rate.

Non-Medical Garments Can Prolong Recovery Time & Increase Discomfort
Wearing a non-medical garment from your local store that is not specifically made for a cosmetic or medical procedure can unnecessarily prolong your recovery time, slow down your healing, worsen your swelling and other symptoms, and increase the discomfort that you experience during the healing journey. Compression garments are not created equal and just because a non-medical bra might seem to offer some degree of compression does not mean that it is good for post-operative recovery from surgery.

Non-Medical Garments Are Not Meant To Be Worn For Long Time Periods
Additionally, non-medical compression bras are not meant to be worn for long periods of time, which is necessary following surgery. A high quality post-operative, medical compression garment is specifically designed to be worn for long time periods during the recovery process from a cosmetic surgery. The fabrics and construction used in a medical compression garment enable a patient to wear the garment for long periods of time without experiencing discomfort. On the other hand, an off-the-shelf non-medical garment is not meant to be worn for long periods of time.

Non-Medical Garments Don’t Address A Specific Medical Procedure
Further, high-quality medical compression bras are designed to address patients recovering from breast lift. On the other hand, when you wear a non-medical, regular bra, you are not getting a garment that is designed to meet the needs of a patient recovering from a specific procedure.

Non-Medical Garments Don’t Have Key Features, Materials & Technology Of Medical Garments
Finally, non-medical garments do not have the key features, construction, materials, and technology used in the plastic surgery compression garments featured in the Make Me Heal Store. First, the medical garments are designed with a targeted compression technology that makes sure that you receive the maximum compression in key surgical areas. In addition to providing maximum compression in the surgical areas, the garment will also provide general support for all areas of the body that the garment is covering. The combination of targeted compression and general support helps reduce the overall recovery time, improves comfort, and helps you get the best cosmetic outcome.

Medical garments such as those featured in the Make Me Heal Store offer features that are unavailable in non-medical garments, including no seams at key surgical areas and labels that are placed on the outside of the garments to avoid irritation and help make you more comfortable during the recovery process. For additional comfort, many of the medical garments have an open-crotch design so that the garment does not need to be removed at any time. Many of the garments also have flat lock stitching.

The medical garments such as those featured on Make Me Heal are made of a latex-free, strong, breathable and lightweight compression fabric that feels good next to the skin, dries quickly, and is the best material for post-operative compression. While fabrics that are typically used by non-medical garments found in your local store lose the compression properties or “memory” over time, the fabrics used by the medical compression garments in the Store are designed to provide the ideal amount of constant and consistent compression from every direction for long wear during the recovery process. Additionally, the highest quality zippers, hook and eye closures, and threads are used. Garments are either 100% latex free or both 100% latex and formaldehyde free.

Read More About Why Wearing A Medical Bra Is Key To Recovery
You can read more about why wearing a medical garment is key for recovery and why a non-medical garment can be bad for healing at this link: ... garment.vm

PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 1:26 pm
by alicia27lmt
How do you determine size?

Sizing for Compression Bra/Vest

PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 11:49 am
by michellepaek
Hi alicia27lmt,

The sizing for the compression garments are based on pre-op size. The only one that is based on post-op size is the Breast Augmentation Sports Bra. Let me know if you need help with sizing for a bra/vest and I'll be happy to help. You can reach me by PMing me or send an email to with the style that you are interested in along with your measurements.

Hope that helps!

Re: Breast Lift Compression Bras

PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:40 pm
by greymatter

Re: Breast Lift Compression Bras

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:03 am
by Davis2
According to my opinion breast augmentation sports bra is the best in breast lift compression and these are entirely developed for the blood circulation at the compression sides.