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Otoplasty Revision - Over Corrected Ears

PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:53 am
by manav1984
I had a simple pinback surgery some 10 years ago which resulted in over correction of my ear. Now after all these years I am planning to go ahead with revision surgery. Over the years I have interacted and studied the different results of otoplasty surgeons around the world, as the area of revision otoplasty is much more complicated than normal otoplasty-so i see the amount of attention to detail they pay and how symmetrical the operated ears look, how well they compliment the face, etc. Let me tell you one thing - normal otoplasty might be a relatively simple surgery but what i have noticed over the past 10-12 years going by the work of different surgeons around the world is that maybe less than 10% actually get it right and shape the ear to compliment a face shape. Most times a simple pinback doesnt suit a particular face shape, sometimes a slightly more protruding ear might compliment a face better, etc. Although my initial otoplasty surgery did not involve any removal of cartilage, just slitting parts of cartilage to weaken and reshape it - I still think that I need to go in for the best or one of the best. I tried contacting Dr. Saturo Nagata, who is probably the best in this type of work- sadly his fees are too high - around 6.5 million yen for the procedure. So at that rate i dont think I would be able to afford it. I have tried contacting Dr. Fancoise Firmin and still awaiting a response. There are other doctors I am in touch with I believe to be really good, going by their work. Note:They are not listed rank wise.

1. Dr. Charles Thorne, USA
2. Dr Tom Pousti, USA
3. Dr. John Helinski, USA
4. Dr. David Gault, UK
5. Dr. Nicholas Lotz , AUSTRALIA
6. Dr. Barry Eppley, USA
7. Dr. Michael Bermant, USA (Retired)
8. Dr. Leila Kasrai, CANADA
9. Dr. Burt Brent, USA
10. Dr. Francoise Firmin, FRANCE
11. Dr. Saturo Nagata, JAPAN

Although Dr. Eppley has some great work on his site and detailed surgeries with great results, I am weary of him due to his track record and his unethical practices. I might be wrong but thats what I feel. My original choice was Dr. Bermant but sadly hes retired now. His work was really good, not to mention his exceptional sense of ear aesthetics. Dr. Lotz from Australia is trained by Dr. Firmin and his work looks very good as well, the kind of detail and perfection i look for. Dr. Leila Kasrai is probably my top preference at the moment, going by her work and the fact that shes done over 2000 otoplasty surgeries abd trained by Dr. Saturo Nagata. Although Dr. Nagata destroyed all hopes of me getting my surgery done from him, I should come to a decision by 2018, where I would like to finally get the surgery done. I am still researching for more otoplasty surgeons in the meanwhile.

Re: Otoplasty Revision - Over Corrected Ears

PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:43 pm
by JetBlue

Re: Otoplasty Revision - Over Corrected Ears

PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:15 pm
by ayesharapov
Thank you very much for your list of surgeons who can perform the operation. I had a similar issue where my ears were too pinned back, and now I would like to get them back as close to the original shape as possible.

I also contacted Dr Satoru Nagata and he estimated 4.5 million yen for the operation, which I definitely cannot afford. I've contacted Dr. Lotz because I live so close to Australia and with such an operation, you wouldn't want to be far from home.

One question for you, what is wrong with Eppley's track record and ethics?