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Re: Re:Ear Reduction Surgery

PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 5:16 pm
by JetBlue
jimjam009 wrote:Although this is an old thread, I feel it may help someone if I add some comments about my experience undergoing surgery with Mr David Gault Ear Reconstruction Surgeon in the UK.

I had ear reduction surgery with Mr Gault earlier this year and wanted to convey my sincere appreciation for the quality of care and excellent outcome.

I decided I wanted to see the best possible surgeon even if it meant travelling abroad. I was very glad, however, to discover that one of the best specialist ear reconstruction surgeons in the world, works here in the UK.

I'd originally read about Mr Gault's professional profile via much research on the Internet and during that process I remember stumbling across a couple of negative comments, which surprised me because they didn't seem at all consistent with the many credible and positive sources of information available.

I eventually concluded that Mr Gault's world class credentials and extensive experience spoke for themselves and therefore decided to go ahead with the procedure.

I'm glad I did as I'm now delighted with the outcome!

I feel very fortunate to have had the benefit of Mr Gault's renowned expertise and the knowledge that I've been treated by such a leading expert in his field. I would definitively recommend him if you're considering ear surgery.

I would highly recommend David Gault too.

David Gault is a GREAT surgeon. He did such a great job with my ears and gave me the best years of my life. My fantastic result was destroyed by Greg O'Toole who I consulted with years after my surgery with David Gault. This was a huge mistake. Greg O'Toole is a bafoon and I have to suffer everyday as a result of his unethical & crooked practice.