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Post/Read Reviews & Ratings of Plastic Surgeons on MMH

PostPosted: Wed Mar 15, 2006 1:52 pm
by Make_Me_Heal_Team
Hello everyone,

We’re excited to present to you a great tool that we hope will help you in your cosmetic journeys. This new tool is the long-anticipated Plastic Surgeon/Doctor Directory (link is:

The Plastic Surgeon/Doctor Directory is the only patient-reviewed doctor directory of its kind that enables patients to review and rate their doctors based on an extensive set of variables. Because choosing the right doctor is the single most important decision affecting the cosmetic results that you can get, we developed this tool to help you make a more informed decision. With the Plastic Surgeon Directory, you can find valuable information about doctors in any state in the United States as well as in any other country.

As this version of the Directory is a beta version, you will be able to view reviews of doctors if they are available. At this time, we only provide the name, city, state, and country of the doctor as we require the doctor's participation to provide detailed information about the practice. Once we have the doctors aboard, each Doctor Profile page will have a lot of additional information, including, full contact information, education, board and association certifications, training background, details on procedures performed, years in practice, and many other valuable bits of information. You should check back frequently, as this Directory is only going to get better.

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Search A Doctor by various different criteria, including name, business name, city, state, and country.

Rate A Doctor

Help the directory grow and Rate A Doctor now. It's a fast and easy process. Your participation in rating your doctor will be extremely valuable and is crucial to make this directory a useful tool for other people. We really value your opinion and other people will appreciate your honest review of your doctor and your experience.