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Mega-Tek Mane Rebuilder for hair loss?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:34 pm
by dermagirl
I"m embarrassed I'm trying a product that has no scientifc basis for growing hair. But my stylist, who has a chemistry background and years of experience, swears by this product and claims both she and her clients have enjoyed remarkable hair growth. This includes people who have lost hair for a number of reasons. Some had diffuse loss. Others general thinning. She says her male clients jokingly accuse her of recommending it to them so they'll have to have their hair cut more frequently as their hair grows so fast after using it. Does anyone have experience with this product? The main ingredient is keratin protein.

Re: Mega-Tek Mane Rebuilder for hair loss?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2010 7:27 pm
by ExocticBeautyJ
Hi DermaGirl,

I love this forum cause i've gotten to talk about so many different procedures and things. Hairloss for us girls is so hard!! Im in my late 20's and it sucks because i've been dealing with it since i was 18. I personally tried this for several months and it didn't do anything for me. My hair was coming out by the roots!. Anyway...when i first started treatment for my hairloss journey i was given Spironalacton (?) along with Rogaine. Sorry i can't spell today LOL. It kind of worked but not like i had hoped. i used Megatek because i have like skin bald on the sides of my head and my hair line started to receed(?) even worse as time progressed. I read on several forums where people did have success with megatek and praised it. I guess its supposed to be the exact or almost exact ingrediants as ovation cell therapy. But OCT is more watered down. I personally think MT made my hair fall out more and I even tried doing the garlic supplements and moisture masks that people recommended. I used it for hmmm i wanna say 9 months being hopeful and knowing it would take time. Now i just use it as like a once a week "deep conditioning" thing. Everyone is different so it couldn't hurt to try. It is a wonderful conditioner once you get past the "shedding" part of it. It makes your hair feel thicker from the protein i guess. It always kind of tingled after i rinsed it off so i figured it was working but never saw any results.

I have kind of given up and just talked to two surgeons about the hair transplant surgery. Surprisngly, the quote i got from Hair Club was cheaper than another dermatologist i talked too. Anyway...give it a try. Just be aware there may be some more shedding initially.

Re: Mega-Tek Mane Rebuilder for hair loss?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:01 pm
by omlywinks
Hello - I know this was posted A LONG time ago, but I have just started using OCT and have noticed some increase in shedding - this is the only blog I have seen that mentions initial shedding with the use of this product. So is this normal? Or should i quit using it right away? It's freaking me out because with how thin my hair is already I really cannot afford extra loss, but it's not like my hair doesn't or isn't growing - it just seems to be thinning faster than it grows or something - IDK. I have been dealing with hair thinning for a while now, my hair used to be considerably thicker than it is now. My new stylist said I should check with my Dr./Gyno to see if I have polycycstic ovarie syndrome (cannot spell that) because her daughter had just been diagnosed and I guess the main symptoms are severe menstruation pain and hair loss. ANYWAY - so I have been using OCT - this is like my 5th or 6th usage and I'm freaked about the increase in thinning - is this a normal thing to have initial hair loss?? THANKS!!

Re: Mega-Tek Mane Rebuilder for hair loss?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:04 pm
by terryandsherry
Don’t let the fact that this product was used for years to encourage healthy mane growth on horses scare you away. Megatek is one of the most popular topical hair treatments for people suffering from non-hereditary hair loss. A few years ago, some adventurous women on hair forums did some research and discovered that the cream which had become a huge hit with horse owners determined to help their horses grow thick healthy manes and hooves was actually safe for human use. Naysayers originally scoffed until many women started reporting rapid, healthy hair growth. Some of the most thrilled customers were those who’d suffered hair loss due to overused of damaging chemicals, poor styling methods, etc. Bald spots on many people were suddenly filled in by luscious hair. It turns out that Megatek was originally formulated for use on humans before being used on horses. Once the company confirmed this information, the floodgates were opened. The cream comes in a 16 ounce bottle and is reported to have a pleasant, but not overbearing scent. It is to be applied directly to the hair and left on for a few minutes before being washed out, although many people use it as a leave-in after washing and conditioning. You can find Megatek Mane Rebuilder on Amazon for about $24.
Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex
Nioxin is one of the most popular hair loss product lines, and has been used for years by tons of customers in their fight against hair loss. The company uses natural products to create a complete line of hair loss products including topical creams, shampoos and conditioners. One of the most popular products sold by the company is the Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex, an intense dietary supplement used to fight hair loss and improve the speed and quality of hair growth. One bottle contains 90 vitamins, and people generally take between one and two per day. The vitamin helps improve the elasticity of hair and aids in the production of collagen, helping to fight hair loss. People that have suffered from hair loss report regrowth as long as the hairloss is not hereditary. It seems to work best in people that probably are deficient in the vitamins and nutrients responsible for healthy hair growth. Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex is available on for around $34.
Provillus Hair Regrowth
Provillus is an all-natural hair loss supplement and topical cream that comes in both a men’s and women’s formula. It works by preventing hair loss and helping the existing hair grow healthy and thick. One of its main benefits is that it blocks DHT production without reacting to testosterone. DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, builds up in the scalp and causes hair loss. The natural ingredients in Provillus, like saw palmetto, help to prevent the production of DHT. The other ingredients in the product include Minoxidil, biotin and zinc, all heavy-hitters in the fight against hair loss. Provillus will run you about $30 for a one-month supply, and can be found on Many people report hair regrowth, although some are not happy with some of the possible side effects, including dizziness and rapid heartbeat.