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Laser and PCOS

PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:48 am
by gbree
Hello ladies,

I have PCOS. The question is; is laser treatment effective for ladies with PCOS? I have undergone laser treatment at three different times and i still have the hair on my chin. That was before i was diagnosed with PCOS.

I have used BC which my doctor says help regulate my hormones. Once hormones are regulated does it mean the hair stops producing and would laser treatment work then?

I have spent thousands of dollars trying to get this hair gone, plus got burnt facially plus time invested. I have kind of given up but still need to ask.

Re: Laser and PCOS

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:00 pm
by urmama
I bought a laser package many years ago before I was diagnosed with PCOS. Because the package had a two year guarentee I was allowed to get treatments once a month. And it did reduce the amount of hair and made the hair softer and finer but it was not getting rid of it. Then I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was given medication and was told that once the medication was in my system for a while I would quit growing new hair but would have to get rid of the hair I already had. So I did 6 laser hair treatments and thought it was working really well. But then after the treatments it was only like a month and I noticed that I was getting the hair back and at the same amount as before laser hair treatments. I spoke to the laser hair removal center and they said that with patients with PCOS that they can not guarentee permenant results but a very good maintence program. I would have no problem with that if I had a ton of money but that can be expensive. So I talked to my doctor and told him that I had been taking the medication and the treatments did not work once the treatments were over. He told me the same thing. He said that I might have to do the laser treatments as a regular maintenece but he recommended one of the new FDA approved home laser systems. They are kind of expensive but not near as expensive as going for treatments once a month. One unit...the Silk n Sensepil is approved for the face and the Tria is not. Seen mixed reviews on which one is better. Thinking about getting the Silk n Sensepil though because you can replace the light cartridges and since I know I will be using for long term it seems like the best option for me. Would be interested to know if you have tried anything since you made your post and what the results are. So hard to find info for some of the issues people with PCOS deal with. Oh, I should add that the medicine he gives me for the hair is called Spironolactone. It is very inexpensive. I don't even have to pay my insurance copay because it usually less that $5.00 but it does make you go pee all the time because it is also a water pill which is nice if you bloat during that time of the month.

Re: Laser and PCOS

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:21 am
by gbree
I agree with you, its so hard to find anyone with information on remedy for this. I had tried laser on three different occassions with 8 or more sessions that was before i was diagnosed with PCOS but all to no avail. The laser treatment had left so many burns on my face so for me its not an option any more.

After been diagnosed, the only thing my doctor prescibed was to go on a certain birth control pill, that it would reduce the hair growth. I havnt seen much difference however but i still use it.

I never even heard of Sens Epil till now so that is an option im going to try. I hope the maintenance for you is as smooth.
Good luck

Re: Laser and PCOS

PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:25 am
by seeha87
It is really difficult to get lasting results if you have PCOS. A combination of OCP together with laser helped alot, and although I do have to go for top up sessions every 12 weeks it has definitely been well worth it for me.