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ways to reduce swelling for ABS Lipo?

PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2008 1:22 pm
by porsche007
Hello. Just got lipo in chest, abs, and flanks. It's 8 days post-op and my stomach is really swole (looks funny). I am currently taking arnica pellets, bromeline, and wearing the vest. The first day post op my body looked great (flat) then it swole up after that :( . What should i do or not do?


ways to reduce swelling for ABS Lipo?

PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:02 pm
by DrAmron
Dear porsche007,

With regard to swelling after your surgery, it is only eight days and the first thing I would say is to please be patient. It depends on how out of proportion you were prior to surgery but if you did not have a very thick fat layer you would typically get more proportionate swelling that will take in many ways longer to go down. In my experience, most of the swelling is gone within the first two to three weeks. But it does take several months to achieve your final results. I don’t think there really is much to do at this point to expedite the swelling. I don’t think that Arnica or the other supplements you are taking are going to make much difference but once again, this is only my opinion. Lymphatic massage can help the swelling subside but I would not truly spend a lot of money on this because I think it tends to resolve anyway with time. I do think that being somewhat active does in ways promote reduction of the swelling so I would encourage you to do some light exercise if you feel you are not in too much discomfort. But, like I first said, at this point I would simple encourage you to be patient.

Dr. Amron