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Getting a consensus on safe derma rolling

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Getting a consensus on safe derma rolling

Postby Joneserlax » Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:10 am

Hello all, I am a brand new member.
Now, I'm not actually new to Dermarolling. But, I feel lost.

Anyone who has spent a few minutes (in my case, hours of multiple days) researching dermarolling knows there is conflicting advice. This most often relates to depth/size of needle, and how often to roll. It's been so wildly all over the map that I've registered looking for advice.

You can look on specific beauty forums and see some questionable advice (somewhat expected) but even specific guides seem to conflict.

In my mind it was below 0.5 can be used every other or maybe every day, and above 0.5 should be once every 4-5 weeks as this starts the healing process in the dermis. Whether 0.5 or 1.5, doesn't really matter as you've punctured the dermis and need time for healing. Right..maybe? I'm also confused because even after this is sorted out, it depends on skin thickness. 0.5 on your cheek isnt the same as under your eyes, and often this is left out. So sometimes 0.5 should have a longer or shorter recommended healing time. And lastly, I've seen it touted how this helps with absorbing "moisturizer" esp 0.25. Well, puncturing the skin and then putting even the best most natural moisturizer scares me. What is actually safe to use?

What I am hoping to do in this post is get others to state their regiment and findings, as many other sources don't seem to do this.

*youcanskipthis*(On 0wndoccom, Sarah Vaughter gives her own advice but there is little discussion. Realself can be even worse, with doctors giving absent minded advice not correlated with the specific question or just recommend a medical professional. There are beauty forums with random chatter, results stated without specifics, how often stated without saying needle size, needle size given without stating how often, etc. And of course the derma roller info/guide website here and there.

So.. I would like anyone who seems to be confident to give me some advice and tips here. And I am also hoping that anyone and everyone who posts here would state:

Needle length(s)
Dermarolling frequency
Moisturizer/beauty regiment

Thank you :)
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