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Matrixyl 3000 peptide serum

Talk about making your own skin care recipes, DIY Skincare, hot new active ingredients, and more.

Matrixyl 3000 peptide serum

Postby kylesmom9 » Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:57 pm

Hi Everyone!

I post a lot on the Chemical Peel board, and I'm just getting into DIY skincare. DCNGA asked me to repost some info here...so here goes!

Hyaluronic Acid/Matrixyl 3000/Caffeine serum

I am using the information on the personal formulator
( www.thepersonalformulator.com ) to figure out what percentages I should use. Doing a 10% matrixyl 3000 with 5-7% caffeine (I have to eyeball 1/3 tsp for 30mL) I started with the ha/matrixyl 3000/caffeine mix because the matrixyl 3000/caffeine were the main active ing. in my DDF Mesojection. Using the ha was more trying to find the right (non slimy/greasy ) base. After reading a bunch of reviews on HA I thought it might do the trick, and it has been perfect. I have not used "Ingredients to die for" only TPF as of yet, but I will order HA from them next...they have wonderful prices...wish they stocked Matrixyl so I didn't have to pay shipping for two places!

I got the blue 1oz dropper bottles from TPF.

I keep a little travel jar with 2 droppers of serum and an extra dash of caffeine by my coffee in the AM. I massage that into the eye area right when I get up, and puffies are gone...nice and cooling too as the HA evaporates. Better than teabags...can't see through them to post!

27mL 1% HA solution
3mL Matrixyl 3000
1/3 tsp caffeine powder
3 drops (approx) Germaben II

Most preservative free solutions must be kept in the fridge and used within a few days...I don't want to go that route so the germaben is perfect. I only make an ounce at a time, I figure the shelf life should be somewhere around a year, but I'll use it in a month, so no biggie. Still, I formulate in a clean area, swipe the counters with soap and alcohol, lay out clean saran wrap, wash my hands well, etc. before starting.

TPF will send you a few disposable 1 mL pipettes, and a small measuring spoon with the powders. A baby medicine syringe is very accurate for measuring small increments as well..and easy to get hold of.

I ordered:

1oz hyaluronic acid (1% liquid form)

1oz matrixyl 3000 (this should be enough to make 10- 1oz batches)

1oz caffeine powder (this is a light powder and one ounce is a crazy, huge amount.)

2oz germaben II

I basically ordered the smallest amounts possible in case I didn't like something, had an allergy, broke out, etc. Ingredients to die for has better prices, but they don't carry germaben II...their version is optiphen...does the same thing but different. And they don't carry matrixyl 3000. I paid about $10 for shipping, so I would guess it would be cheaper to lump everything together in one order from TPF, then order the necessary backup supplies (extra HA etc) from ITDF. You will have to research whether that fits your needs.

Have fun mixing!

PS the original content in conversation with others is on the peel boards under Name your products/regimine
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Re: Matrixyl 3000 peptide serum

Postby nguyen42120 » Thu Oct 30, 2008 5:28 pm

27mL HA
3mL Matrixyl 3000
1/3 tsp caffeine powder
3 drops (approx) Germaben II


Hold on.

27ml of HA is a lot of the solution.

Use these ratios. 1ml is 20 drops. And 100 drops is 1 tsp.
You were using 85% HA, 10% Matrixyl 3000, 5% caffeine, and
0.5% Germaben II

Is 85% HA safe to use?
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Postby kylesmom9 » Thu Oct 30, 2008 6:07 pm

Sorry for the confusion. It is 85% of the total volume serum of a 1% solution of hyaluronic acid. When I ordered the HA from the personal formulator it was supplied as a 1% solution, and most every source I have found from there on was the same if it was supplied in liquid form.

I have since purchased HA powder to make my own 1% solution, so if you did too I can understand where the confusion stems from. Again I apologize, as I wasn't aware that it could be purchased in powder form when I wrote the original post. :)

And yes the other percentages are correct.
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